Finland is launching a limited edition urban fashion collection to celebrate the courage and against-the-odds mentality that have come to define hobbyhorsing and its people and culture. These values have brought together the hobbyhorse enthusiasts with designers and fashion labels including IvanaHelsinki, R-Collection, Riski, .TEBIAN, Uhana Design and WWOOLLFF.

Limited edition items from the collection are made available here on the BraveEnoughToRide webshop each Friday leading up to Christmas, with the first items released on December 1.

The short film Brave Enough to Ride, directed by Viivi Huuska, introduces and conveys the attitude of the Finnish hobbyhorse phenomenon, which is growing and branching out internationally.

In addition, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has worked together with hobbyhorse enthusiasts to launch an online Hobbyhorse Toolbox for anyone interested in not just supporting the cause but taking up hobbyhorsing.

Ivana Helsinki

Ivana Helsinki (founded in 1998) is an independent art, fashion and cinema brand, delicately merging Slavic melancholy with pure Scandinavian moods and Americana vintage with a hint of nostalgia. All the collections are based on Paola Ivana Suhonen’s childhood memories, her endless desire to be on the road and her love for nature and animals.
In the photo: Paola Suhonen; photo credit: Kim Öhrling


R-Collection is a Finnish family-owned leisurewear brand (established in 1978) that spreads the word of a sporty and relaxed lifestyle. Today R-Collection combines timeless classics with relevant seasonal styles.
In the photo: Lilli Norio


Riski is a conscience-driven design house inspired by people with brave hearts and vivid imagination. Riski products are made with kindness, which means we care for our surroundings and the people making our products. We only use yarns and fabrics from Europe, and all our manufacturing is done in Finland and the Baltic region.
In the photo: Liisa Riski, the designer behind the label


A modern and growing design brand from Helsinki, Finland, .TEBIAN is going its own way without prejudice. Tebian’s work is inspired by constructivism and defined by sharp edges, functionalism, a straight forward approach and rhythm. His relentlessness and values are visibly present in his furniture design. He wants to create furniture pieces that to a large extent look like the brand and live with the user in his or her changing life situations. “Sustainability for me is creating furniture that lasts a lifetime, and more,” says Tebian.
In the photo: Tebian himself

Uhana Design

Since 2012, Uhana Design has battled against seriousness with unforgettable prints and designs that are both gentle and fierce. Collections have echoes from life on the streets, Nordic nature and moments spent laughing among friends. Unforgettable prints are created by Mira Vanttaja, whereas Hanna Virkamäki turns the prints into clothing in which you’ll never have a dull moment. Designed in Finland, made in Europe: Uhana Design follows strong principles in terms of supply chain transparency, society and the environment.
In the photo: Mira Vanttaja (left) and Hanna Virkamäki; photo: Kaisu Jouppi


At WWOOLLFF CO., life is all about coming up with more and more random ideas and visions. We design objects, make and build things, create and listen to loads and loads of music. For the WWOOLLFF CO. and HEL clothing brands, our stuff comes from the streets – really – clothes reflecting life in street spaces. That’s what and who we are. And we do everything working together with the earth – using only stuff that’s good for the planet. That’s it.
In the photo: Pekka Ijäs (left) and Jenna Vilkman

Viivi Huuska

Photographer and filmmaker Viivi Huuska directed Brave Enough to Ride, a short film with a vision of hobbyhorsing. She has an unwaveringly recognisable style. “I want to show the whole world just how amazing these young people are and how unique their love for hobbyhorsing is,” she says. “They have the courage to be themselves, and everyone should notice that.”
In the photo: Viivi Huuska